For Sireg, the sale of products is only part of the process that starts with the design and ends with the installation. We have in-depth knowledge of the problems of laying materials, the different types of chemical-cementitious mixtures and interactions with injection or micro-cracked tube systems, the perfect sizing of GFRP reinforcements, the mechanical characteristics of the soils to be treated and the best procedures for doing so effectively, safely, quickly and sustainably.

Sireg Geotech can provide customers with preliminary and executive projects for the perfect sizing of GFRP (glass resin) reinforcements: while the former provide a general idea for the realization of the work and therefore an initial assessment of feasibility and costs, the executive projects already contain all the technical information for the correct realization of the work itself and a detailed estimate of the cost.

In the case, for example, of consolidation injections with Durvinil® tubes, given the long and in-depth collaboration with the University of Milan Bicocca and the engineering firm STAP, Sireg is able to simulate and test in laboratory the execution of the works on site.

In the same way, all Sireg's products can be tested both in the internal laboratory and in external laboratories, providing all the certifications required by the customer or by the Works Management.

Our technical and project team is able to conceive and develop special products and custom-made technical solutions useful to face the unpredictability of site problems or the complexities that may emerge during the design phase.


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