Composite products ETA 22/0168 for the restoration of damaged civil structures and for concrete reinforcement

At the beginning of the 1990s, Sireg pioneered the manufacture of composite products (FRP), polymers reinforced with carbon, aramid or glass fibres. For 30 years, these products have been successfully used to restore damaged civil structures and historical monuments or as anchor bolts or as diaphragm reinforcement cages in mechanised tunnel excavation (Soft-Eye technique).

Today Sireg Geotech, thanks to the great experience it has acquired, has created a new line of products in glass fibre (GFRP) particularly suitable for the reinforcement of permanent reinforcements, therefore for the construction of new buildings and infrastructures. Because of their enormous advantages, especially their very high resistance to corrosion, these new materials are especially suitable for the construction of works in a marine environment or exposed to aggressive chemical agents, they have an over 100 years life span and do not require maintenance.


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