Sireg Geotech

is a company tied to its history and territory, which conceives and produces new solutions that help realize the works and challenges that human ingenuity conceives, while always remaining at the side of its customers and taking into the utmost consideration the forces and resources of nature.



is an Italian company specialized in the fields of Geotechnics and Civil Engineering.

Founded in 1936 by Cavaliere Emilio Blanc as SIREG S.p.A. is today a point of reference for designers and public and private companies of the sector in Italy and around the world.

At its historical plant in Arcore (MB), SIREG GEOTECH produces a range of highly specialized products, unparalleled on the market, in thermoplastic, thermosetting and composite fibers of glass and carbon, both standard and customized. Applications range from the reinforcement and consolidation of weak or landslide soils, as part of the construction of underground excavations, to the strengthening of concrete reinforcements and restoration of damaged infrastructures and civil buildings.

Since 2005, the company has been led by Sonja Blanc, CEO, who represents the third generation of the founding family. Since her establishment, the entrepreneur has embarked on a path of generational, managerial and strategic renewal that has marked the transition from tradition to innovation. In 2015, the Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Division of SIREG S.p.a. became SIREG GEOTECH S.r.l.

Today, in SIREG GEOTECH, high-profile professionals work, five languages are spoken fluently, and customers are followed from the projects to the construction sites. Particular attention is paid to the theme of sustainability of processes-products, starting from the observation of market changes and customer needs.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly specialized and competent people with great enthusiasm and professionalism

Our customers

Sireg Geotech supplies the most important national and international contractors


SIREG GEOTECH is part of the SIREG GROUP which also includes:

SIREG-HYDROS, a company operating in the industrial water treatment sector, drinking water and desalination plants

SIREG POLYVINYL s.r.l., manufacturer of PVC calendered sheets for the traction and stationary electric battery sector

SIREG H3O, a designer and manufacturer of complex industrial design products




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