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SIREG GEOTECH S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of specialized products and solutions for Geotechnical and Civil Engineering. Founded in 1936 as SIREG S.p.a. by Cavalier Emilio Blanc, SIREG GEOTECH today is a reference in its sector for designers and developers, both public and private.

On its historic production establishment located in Arcore, close to Milan, SIREG GEOTECH manufactures a wide range of products in thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers, as well as in glass and carbon composite materials, both standard and customized. The applications go from the reinforcement and consolidation of weak soils or landslides to enable works of underground excavation, to the strengthening and restoration of infrastructure and damaged civil or historic buildings.

Since 2005, the company is led by Sonja Blanc, CEO and the founder’s granddaughter. As CEO Sonja has initiated a managerial and strategic transformation of the company, changing its path from tradition to innovation. In 2015, the Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Division of SIREG S.p.a. became an independent company, SIREG GEOTECH S.r.l.

Today, SIREG GEOTECH counts with a highly professional team that follows its clients from project design to worksite. The company gives special attention to the environmental sustainability of its processes and products, and is always alert to changes in the market and clients’ requirements. Over time, SIREG GEOTECH sales have expanded internationally, to serve clients in non European and emerging countries. During recent years, and in face of the European difficult economic environment, SIREG GEOTECH has focused on strengthening its commercial network and expanding its presence in America.

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Sireg Group
SIREG GEOTECH is part of the SIREG GROUP, which also includes:

•    SIREG USA  Inc, branch of SIREG GEOTECH’s products in North America;
•    SIREG HYDROS S.r.l., company in the sector of industrial water treatment and water purification;
•    SIREG POLYVINYL s.r.l., manufacturer of PVC calendered sheets;
•    SIREG LATINO AMERICA S.A.S., distributor of SIREG GEOTECH’s products in Central and South America;
•    SIREG H3O S.r.l., designer and developer of complex industrial products.