In more than 80 years our products have been used in the realization of many of the most important civil and industrial infrastructures in the world: 53 subway lines between Hong Kong, Kolkata, Cairo, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, and Sydney, the extensions of Heathrow, Dubai and Madrid airports and important road and rail tunnels in Italy and around the world have been realized thanks to the use of Durvinil® sleeved grouting pipes, Durglass® and Glasspree® reinforcement cages.

The Moglicë dam in Albania instead, was built with Flexvinil® waterstop joints and Durvinil® sleeved grouting pipes, as was the Mosul dam; in Ethiopia, double-wall Durvinil® micro-slotted drainage pipes were extensively used for the Gilgel Gibe III dam. The same products were used in the construction of various hydroelectric plants such as the Quito dam (Ecuador), the Reventazón dam (Costa Rica), and the Ituango dam (Colombia).


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