DURVINIL® standard sleeved grouting pipes are used for injections of cement and soil chemicals. In the valved sections, every 33-50-100 cm, are non-return valves that allow the cement mixture to flow only in the direction of the soil preventing the fluid from flowing back into the pipe.

DUR-O-RING sleeve valves allow:

  • a selective injection: it is possible to choose which valve to inject and monitor in time the value of pressure and volumes injected for example through a datalogger
  • to repeat the injection in time. Only DUR-O-RING valves guarantee a perfect closing after each injection cycle, allowing their use in the future.
  • to vary the type of mixture injected (standard cements, micro-fines, silicates...)

The valved pipes for injections of cement mixtures (sleeve pipes) are available from 1″ to 2″1/2 in diameter and in bars up to 6 meters that can be joined through threaded couplers.

Depending on the use, the injection valves can be of external type with ABS protection rings or in the thickness of the pipe. When choosing the right product, please contact our technicians.

DURVINIL® injection tubes for cement mixture injections are used in the following operations:

  • before excavation work near existing structures to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil around foundations;
  • during advancement in the excavation of tunnels;
  • in the treatment of areas adjacent to sinkholes and sink-holes or in landslides;
  • for the creation of a waterproofing barrier in the subsoil;
  • in the creation of a watertight bottom buffer in deep excavations (e.g. in Milan subway stations);
  • in the protection of infrastructures or reinforcement of their foundations (viaduct pylons, railways);
  • in the filling of old quarries or landfills; in the containment of materials and soils at risk to the environment by treating their contours, creating an impermeable screen;
  • in compensation injections in urban areas to reduce differential settlements;
  • in the injection of anchor bolts whenever it is necessary to increase adherence near the bulb;
  • in the waterproofing of existing underground structures as a remedy to design underestimations.

Depending on the field of application, during injection the mixture will fill voids in the soil (permeation), fill fractures in rock masses (rock injections) or create soil displacement (compensation). The arrangement and number of valved tubes to be used depends on the nature of the soil, the mixture and the objective to be achieved.

Sireg Geotech is able to assist designers and customers in all the design stages and execution of injections.

In partnership with other companies, Sireg Geotech can also provide the necessary equipment to mix cements for injection, as well as offering assistance on site during both the preliminary design and executive operations.


Traditional Tunnel Excavation

Injections in urban areas to reduce subsidence

Waterproofing Injections


Shorter duration of work

Continuous monitoring of work

Reduced cement consumption


1"1/2 40/48 mm EXTERNAL 55 mm 830 g/m 200/147* Sireg Hydraulic 30
1"1/2 (flush) 40/50 mm FLUSH 56 mm 200/200* Sireg Hydraulic 30
2" 50/60 mm EXTERNAL 69 mm 1250 g/m 114/94* Sireg Hydraulic 42
2" (flush) 50/60 mm FLUSH 69 mm 1250 g/m 114/114* Sireg Hydraulic 42

* plain pipes/TAM pipes


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