We strongly believe that product and process innovation is a key factor for the sustainable development of the construction sector. Sireg Geotech constantly aims at effective and innovative solutions that result from a faster and safer design/plan and from a cheaper and more sustainable approach...??

always aiming at effective and innovative solutions, that fast and safe, with lower costs and more sustainable has always been in the DNA of the company.

We allocate 5% of our turnover every year to Research and Development activities and since 2016 we have filed 4 patents, 3 of which for products and 1 for processes.

We collaborate with important industrial groups, as well as with international research bodies and Italian and foreign universities in order to improve the quality of our products, and to develop new ones that are increasingly innovative in terms of ease of use, respect for the environment and quality standards.

In 2018, we patented in collaboration with the University of Milan Bicocca the ITS-Injection Tube System, the first tool that allows to simulate in the laboratory soil consolidation injections through our Durvinil® sleeved grouting pipe, designed to improve the performance of this consolidation technique from the design phase, limiting the use of traditional and expensive on-site test fields.

From the collaboration with the University of Milan Bicocca and the STAP Engineering Studio, the Innovative Start Up Grout Freeze Lab was born, and thanks to it Sireg Geotech continues its research and development in the field of injections and soil consolidation.

Another recent innovation is represented by the BioSystem Tube, a biodegradable plastic tube, realized and patented to inject in the subsoil components useful to consolidate the soil without leaving chlorides or other harmful residues.

The most recent innovation concerns composite materials, in particular fiberglass bars for concrete reinforcements which can be used instead of steel and which, thanks to their intrinsic resistance to corrosion, will last over 100 years. An application example is the construction of bridges, where the use of fiberglass will allow a longer life and less maintenance, making the work less expensive and more sustainable.

Sireg Geotech will soon obtain the first CE certification of these fiberglass bars in Europe. With this certification, Sireg will be able to offer to the construction market a fully tested and reliable product, on a par with traditional building materials, especially steel, but certainly more sustainable both for the lower energy consumption of its production process and for the possibility of combining it with greener concretes, which can also be mixed with sea water and do not require any anti-corrosion additive, which is essential in the case of steel.

The intense research activity has led us to receive recently several prestigious awards such as the Jec Innovation Award in Paris in March 2019 in the category "Constructions and Infrastructures" with the project "Bendable TP composites reinforcements for concrete."

Sustainability of the company and respect for the environment

At Sireg production waste material has always been regranulated and reused in the production process.

The water used to cool the production plants is treated and purified through a reverse osmosis plant produced by Sireg Hydros, a company of the Sireg group, and all the controls required by the regulations in force regarding emissions into the atmosphere and into the workplace are regularly carried out.

  • 50 employees of various nationalities, no difference in pay between men and women
  • Compliance with safety regulations, anti-vice protocol
  • Code of Ethics and 231 procedures


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