3/8″-1/2″ Durotene® grouting pipes

DUROTENE® small diameter grouting hoses are used to perform injections of cement mixtures and resins in post grouting application or rebars and strand anchors or as part of interventions of soil consolidation and waterproofing.

A ground anchor (also called tieback) is a device designed to support D-Walls, Slopes and Geotechnical Structures. The basic components of a ground anchor include the:

  • Blocking System
  • Free Stressing Length (HDPE Ducts)
  • Grouted/Bond Length

The advantage of the DUROTENE® Grouting Pipes is in the Bond Section where the product can be used with a post-grouting injection. The injection is carried out directly from the ground without inserting the packer inside the product.

The available diameters are:

  • 12/16 mm (3/8″)
  • 16/20 mm (1/2″)


DUROTENE Grouting Pipes are supplied in customized rolls, with external manchettes, U-Corner and plugs.