Durglass® active anchors and soilnailing

DURGLASS active and passive anchors are designed for temporary applications as for example the reinforcement of the tunnel excavation front, active or passive anchoring systems and slope stabilisation.

GFRP represent a valid alternative to steel, since they can be easily destroyed. Due to the low shear strength the demolition by means of the common excavation tools is a rapid, safe and economic way.

DURGLASS anchors made of glassfiber and polyester resin are manufactured in different shapes and sections according to the project’s requirements and the customer needs.

DURGLASS surface is finally coated with quartz sand in order to increase bonding to grouting materials and the surrounding ground.

GFRP Rebars are furthermore supplied with all the necessary anchoring devices and accessories such as nuts, plates, clips, blocking systems with conical wedges/clavettes, in synthetic or metallic materials.