Glasspree® Glassfiber rebars for construction

Glasspree® products are glassfiber rebars for construction.

They are made of fiberglass core and vinylester resin matrix and they are engineered to be used in permanent applications.

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites are used in substitution for steel as reinforcement of concrete structural elements for the peculiar characteristic of not being susceptible to corrosion phenomena.
This property makes them suitable for marine structures as well as structures exposed to harsh environments by chloride ion or chemical attack.

Furthermore, glass FRP composites (GFRP) are nonconductive and therefore can be used effectively when stray currents are an issue, as in the case of structures serving rail transportation (railway or subway lines), either outdoor or in tunnels. Even bridge decks used as railways overpasses can be affected by the same phenomenon.
In the building industry, the use of this new technology can be adopted for the construction of building slabs for civil and industrial use.

Finally, GFRP rebars are an alternative to stainless steel, epoxy coated or galvanised rebars.


Thanks to their properties and high resistance to corrosion Glasspree® GFRP rods are used as reinforcing elements in long term projects such as:

  • port facilities, offshore platforms (corrosion by marine salts)
  • permanent piles and micropiles (aggressive elements or reduced concrete cover)
  • permanent anchors and nails
  • bridge slabs where de-icing salts are used
  • concrete elements for the chemical, petrochemical and water treatment industry
  • sewerage systems
  • final tunnel lining
  • wire meshes or grids for the repair of the final lining of existing tunnels
  • MRI rooms in hospitals, electric transformer stations or rail crossing (Electromagnetic applications)

Glasspree® glassfiber rebars for construction are made in different shapes and sizes and have the surface completely covered with quartz sand in order to increase their adhesion with the concrete.

They are supplied in straight pieces or bent according the requirements.

In addition, reinforced concrete or existing masonry structures can be strengthened to better resist wind or seismic loads; reinforced concrete pipes can be coated with FRP to resist higher internal pressures; silos and tanks can be reinforced to withstand higher pressures.
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