Durvinil Bio System® grouting pipes

Are you looking for the Plastics of the Future? DURVINIL BIO SYSTEM® grouting pipes is your product.

It is an innovation in the sector of the ground consolidations where environmental connection are more and more considered. The ground bio-stabilization is used for increasing foundation stability, building earth retaining structures and mitigating liquefaction risk.


The recent problems related to the persistence of plastics in the environment have become a major focus in both research and the news. Sireg has always been attentive to these problems and has developed this tube which a the end of their life cycle, it decomposes into simple materials that are absorbed by the soil.


Paired with natural grouting fluids, the DURVINIL BIO SYSTEM® grouting pipes is used to execute injections in projects in environmentally sensible situations. 


DURVINIL BIO SYSTEM® is a patented product made of compostable plastic.