Obturator bags

Sireg Geotech’s obturator bags, made in polypropylene geotextile, are used to seal the space between the Durvinil® TAM pipe and the borehole, when required in order to execute grouting treatments in fractured or permeable soils, when the cement sheath can’t be executed.

They are used also in down-up drillings to prevent the cement or water leakage along the hole.


To use Sireg Obturator Bags:


– drill the borehole;

– insert the TAM pipes with obturator bags mounted on one or more sleeves;

– fill the obturator bags with grout in order to seal the annular space between the grouting pipe and the borehole;

– grout through the pipe’s free sleeves.


Obturator bag scan also be used for the correct cementation of steel micropiles and anchors.