Synthetic fibers for shotcrete

The short Glasspree® fibers Fiber 40 for FRC are made of composite material (fiberglass impregnated with vinyl ester resin). They are easily mixable and sprayable.

The main characteristics of Glasspree® Fiber 40 are:

– very high tensile strength
– adherence to the concrete guaranteed by sandblasting of the surface
– uniform distribution in the concrete, without compromising the workability of the same
– high resistance to chemical and electrostatic corrosion
– transparency to magnetic fields
– light weight and therefore easy handling and installation

The short fibers Glasspree® Fiber 40 are supplied in standard boxes of 20 Kg (the recommended dosage is 8-12 Kg/mc).

The short fibers Glasspree® Fiber 40 have obtained the specific CE certification.