Carbopree® rods permanent carbon fiber anchors and bolts

CARBOPREE® is a line of products composed of bars manufactured with carbon fibres impregnated with vinylester resin with the surface coated with quartz sand.
Carbon fibre is considered the most valid alternative to steel for permanent soil nailing, anchoring, and reinforcement of structures built close to the sea. Carbon fibre is a composite material having particular features, such as: high tensile strength to weight ratio, lightness, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue endurance and long durability.
The high tensile strength of the carbon fibre compared to steel allows to manufacture round bars with a smaller diameter compared to the equivalent bar in steel, while its lightness makes it easy to handle at the worksite, reducing both time and installation costs.
Furthermore, since no corrosion protection is required, once at the jobsite the bars can be installed immediately, while its long durability allows amortizing the cost in time.
All Carbopree® bars can be supplied with different blocking systems.
Finally, thanks to the excellent fatigue endurance of carbon fibre, it is nowadays possible to realize pre-tensionable anchors.