Corrugated ducts for anchors

Sireg Geotech fabricates ducts, systems and fittings for the assembling and grouting of permanent and temporary  anchors, both for tensioning strands and bar anchors.


The plastic ducts protect permanent anchors against infiltrations, preserving them from corrosion and constituting an electrical isolator. Thanks to their resiliance and ductility, Sireg Geotech’s ducts enable the transmission of the tensile stress from the anchor’s head to bulb.

Sireg Geotech manufactures corrugated ducts using the highest quality raw material, DUROTENE®, a high density polyethylene (HDPE) with extraordinary levels of elasticity and endurance against chemical agents and mechanical strain.


The ducts are produced in different diameters and wall thicknesses. They are shipped in rolls of selected lengths or in bars with lengths based on the clients’ request.


Sireg Geotech has developed a unique connection system, with male/female terminations every 1.05 meters of pipe. The system is used to connect the corrugated ducts in both formats available, rolls and bars. When supplied in rolls, material waste is significantly reduced by connecting among themselves residual pieces from various rolls. Additionally, by connecting bars, it allows the client to achieve significant transportation cost savings with bar shipments.


Sireg Geotech fabricates smooth ducts used to protect the anchor’s ground free length, both for bars and strand anchors.