Durvidrain® drainage sheets


Durvidrain® is a geocomposite product that can be used to solve some drainage and waterproofind problems in civil engineering works.
– In building foundations or basement, Durvidrain® can be used to eliminate the hydrostatic pressure which causes water infiltration through the walls inside the construction.
– Installed on the outer walls and under the floors, Durvidrain® intercepts and collects the water before it reaches the building, avoiding that high hydrostatic pressure could shorten the life of waterproofing materials.
A wall without drainage products must be built using more resistant materials. Thanks to Durvidrain®, there is a reduction of construction costs because its technical features allow to relief the high hydrostatic pressure present in the ground, conveying the flow of water to the base of the wall.
The geocomposite Durvidrain® is composed of a polypropylene geotextile filtering element coupled to one calendered corrugated PVC Durvinil® support spacer perforated or not. It is supplied in sheets with a length ranging between 1 and 12 meters and width of 1 meter.