Durvinil® drainage pipes

Drainage slotted pipes are used to eliminate excess water causing softening or degradation of the soil’s mechanical characteristics. Drainage pipes are made of rigid PVC, able to stand all kind of underground water as well as seawater and acid or alkaline diluted solutions. Durvinil® RFS pipes can be subjected to repeated treatments with chemical substances commonly used to disinfect and regenerate wells. 
The longitudinal ribs on the external perimeter of the pipes avoid clogging of the slots, which can be caused by sand and / or gravel. Furthermore, thanks to these longitudinal ribs, the pipe has a double permeability if compared to a smooth pipe with the same diameter. As a result, it is possible to reduce the diameter of the perforation in order to save time and money. 
External ribs also contribute to the structural stability of the pipe, since they reduce the hydrostatic pressure on it. Commonly, Durvinil® RFS drainage pipes are supplied in lengths from 3 to 6 metres, and connected through an ABS socket (the pipes are threaded male-male on both sides).