Inclinometer casings

Sireg Geotech produces ABS and PVC inclinometer casings in different diameters and thicknesses, used to drive the inclinometer probe into the soil.
Inclinometer measurements allow to monitor the horizontal movements of soil, rocks and reinforced concrete structures, and are used for:

– Monitoring the stability of slopes, landslides, buildings, dams;
– Measuring the deformation of retaining structures such as berlinoises, diaphragm walls, piles;
– Measuring soil deformation near tunnels;
– Verifying the verticality of diaphragm walls.

The inclinometer casings must be sealed tight to the soil or to the structure being monitored. This is usually done by cementing the borehole in which the casings are inserted, in such a way that the casing can follow the movement of the surrounding environment.
At each step of measurement, the probe gives the sine of the angle in one or two directions.
The profile of the borehole is thus obtained and, through the comparison among the different readings taken over time, movements can be tracked.
For better precision, a double measurement can be carried out by rotating the probe 180 °.


Sireg Geotech manufactures and markets inclinometer casings made of both PVC and ABS in order to meet different technical requirements. The plastic casings are not subject to corrosion, ensuring a long life even if installed under the watetable or in soil with saline water.
The diameter of the casing to be used depends on the monitored movement. The high quality standard is guaranteed by constant checks during thecasing grooving and spiraling processes,


Sireg Geotech has developed, thanks to the collaboration with several international partners, an innovative and comprehensive range of accessories including: magnetic rings, anchors, telescopic connections and special couplings.
Sireg Geotech is also able to provide the materials necessary for the correct installation of the inclinometer casings, such as rivets, adhesives, tapes and injection hoses.
In order to allow the execution of different measurements, the upper end of the casings must be protected from external agents by, for example, a safety sump provided upon request.


The PVC and ABS inclinometer casings are packed and delivered in pallets of 60 casings 3 meters long.