Sonic log casings

PVC DURVINIL® sonic log casings are used to execute sonic probes. The casings are tied to the structure’s reinforcement by means of wire or plastic strips and, once the reinforcement is dropped and the concrete cast is in place, the casings can be used carry out sonic trials.

Sonic trials are used to check the porosity, the void distribution and the quality of cementation of concrete structures, such as diaphragm walls, piles and foundation works.
Sonic logging is the continuous measurement of sound velocity between an emitting device and a receiving sensor (microphone), which are lowered down inside the casings.
If the soil is homogeneous and cementation was carried out successfully, sound velocity is constant, whereas it decreases rapidly if there are defects such as soil inclusions, cracks or voids.

PVC DURVINIL® sonic log casings are manufactured in different diameters and lengths and suitably joined, they can reach the required depth. Compared to metal sonic casings, they are lighter, easier to install and cheaper.