Waterstop accessories

In addition to PVC FLEXVINIL® WATERSTOP joints, Sireg Geotech manufactures accessories used when laying the joints, such as:


Heating blade

The 220V heating blade is used to seal two WATERSTOP profiles with heat. In a few minutes, the heating blade reaches the required temperature. Then it melts and welds the two ends, cut at a 90° angle, in around 20 seconds.


Welding clamps

The clamps are used to fix the joints with an exact alignment of the two ends, and the bulb, during welding. In this way, waterproofing is guaranteed.


Fastening clips

The plastic fastening clips are hooked to the ends of the WATERSTOP joint to securely attach it, through a wire, to the steel cage. In this way, the deformation or bending of the joint during the grouting of the cement is avoided.